How Does Crystal Champagne Tastes Like?

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Crystal Champagne has become a symbol of outrageous luxury but not many people appreciate its flavor. Cristal is an fantastically rich and dense champagne which reveals itself gradually, from the odor of the fruits to the bubbly sensation that fills your mouth. In this article we’re going to discuss about Crystal Champagne, what it means to our modern world and most important, the way it tastes.

Cristal Champagne was first produced by Louis Roederer for the Czar Alexander II of Russia. Considered the first prestige cuvee, the bubbly drink became one of the top champagnes nowadays. It’s a symbol of excess and waste. In the rappers world, pouring bottles of champagne on the floor while jumping with your blings on is an ultimate gesture of wealth and achievement. The Japanese and Russian Mafia consider it a precious fashion accessory. Nevertheless, none of these ways to appreciate it treasure the taste and the aroma of the drink.

The Crystal Champagne Cuvee is prepared from blended Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, usually there’s a little more Pinot Noir (55%). The maturation lasts about 7 years. From the moment they collect the grapes to the moment when you buy the bottle, there’s a period of 9-10 years, in most cases. The prestige cuvee is a very sec champagne, outstanding yellow colored combined with a very elusive but persistent smooth bubbliness. The perfumed elegance of Chardonnay is the first to strike your tongue. When you first savor it, you feel the clean fruit, the lovely pollen and a fresh effervescence. After drinking more, you’ll feel a tasteful sweetness that reminds you of succulent fruits like peach and mango. The broad flavor is balanced and well defined.

The Rose Crystal champagne is produced of 60% Pinot Noir and 40% Chardonnay. It has more Pinot Noir because it’s colored with red wine rather than using the “saignee” method. The colour is a fine radiant salmon pink. When you taste a glass of rose Crystal, you feel fragrances such of dried fruits, fresh almonds and caramel. The wine is delicate and glary. There is no lone flavor, it’s a symphony of savors, sometimes contrary flavors that create a strong electrical feeling. Although is a good aging wine it is too good to be kept in your personal cellar or icebox, so we urge you to savor it at every occasion.

Crystal Champagne is Louis Roederer's prestige cuvee. Sometimes people see it the most expensive sparkling wine worldwide,  so Cristal champagne has attained its well deserved reputation. For anybody curious in trying it, you can always find a good crystal champagne price online.

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How Does Crystal Champagne Tastes Like?

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How Does Crystal Champagne Tastes Like?

This article was published on 2011/07/29